Changing the Environment to Change Behaviour.

Changing the Environment to Change Behaviour.
Anyone who has ever tried changing people’s behaviours will know that a lot of efforts can only makes matters worse. If we try to scare, shame, coerce, compel or manipulate people into changing their behaviour, they will only push back, dig in their heels, become resentful, and maybe even behave “worse” than before. By far the biggest leverage for change is within “the system” – the way the work works, change the way the work works, and people’s behaviours change for free. The most successful way to do this is change the environment, Change the environment, and behaviour change is “free”, and a new facility is a substantial way to change the environment.
This presentation by Janet Compton, Chief Executive, Southern NSW Local Health District from Australian Healthcare week 2017, explores: 
  • How redevelopment can drive organisational change
  • The elements needed for successful
  • How to build capability for change
  • The role of consumers to drive change.

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