27 - 28 March, 2019 |
ICC, Sydney, NSW

Damien Malone

Operations Manager
Residential and Community Services, Village Glen Aged Care Residences

3:40 PM Operational Efficiency: Using Technology to Simplify Processes and Let You Focus on Caring

Village Glen Aged Care Residences leverages technology to make life easier for their staff and create meaningful value add for customers. With reference to their portal and communication app, learn how they are:

  • Providing communication channels that are less time-intensive, offer quality information in real time and help to simplify the clinical staff’s role
  • Working smarter not harder so they can focus on their core function; delivering excellent care 
  • Engaging customers and their families and empowering residents to take control of their information
  • Implementation lessons learnt, such as having the right foundation, flexibility and persistence 
  • Working with partners collaboratively;  not changing what they do to fit someone else’s model 
  • Setting a vision with their desired outcome so they don’t get lost along the way

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