27 - 28 March, 2019 |
ICC, Sydney, NSW

David Gollop

Founder & ECD
Be You Not Them

12:00 PM 12 Steps to Harness the Power of Authenticity to Lead a Health Care Business, Attract High Quality Talent and Differentiate you from your Competitors.

If you want to lead your business to gain more market share in this rapidly growing industry, If you want to retain top quality staff who will put your business on track for continual improvement, it’s time to focus on building your business’s profile and using technology to support it.

With a focus on the implementation with BaptistCare (that won top prize in the Information Technology in Aged Care Awards) we’ll share the lessons we’ve learned in health and aged care that will help you align your business to achieve its full potential.
Key Learnings:
• How authenticity attracts like-minded customers, staff and builds a loyal community.
• How and where to use market research versus innovation.
• How to identify what makes your business brilliant.
• How to align the goalposts of your business and build momentum in achieving those goals.
• How to create lasting connections between your staff and customers.
• How to implement your vision throughout the organisation to empower bravery and ownership and loyalty in staff.
• How to apply proven methods from other industries’ to shortcut innovation. 
• How this has worked in the real world for BaptistCare.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining David .

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