27 - 28 March, 2019 |
ICC, Sydney, NSW

Dr Clair Sullivan

Consultant Endocrinologist and Medical Informatician
Princess Alexandra Hospital

10:10 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Opportunities for Big Data and Clinical Analytics to Deliver Better Health Outcomes

Big Data and clinical analytics will change the way healthcare is practised and delivered. Greater exploration in how we can appropriately and innovatively apply the concepts and technologies of the information age to improve health must be every organisation’s driving ambition.
• What are the opportunities and challenges for big data and clinical analytics to improve decision making and healthcare outcomes?
• Is your workforce appropriately skilled to be able to utilise, understand and leverage Big Data?
• Data governance and cyber security measures need to be considered when managing Big Data

4:00 PM CASE STUDY: Digital Transformation for Quality and Safety: Data Driven Decision Making for Clinicians

Digital health is the future of healthcare. A digital hospital needs clinicians to drive a step change in quality and safety using the digital platform. Streaming clinical analytics in real time can now be used to improve clinical decision making at the bedside. This patient centred digital transformation can deliver better patient outcomes as a return on investment in health technology.

In this session, Clair will discuss:
  • Digital transformation of quality and safety
  • Digital disruption and how to manage it
  • Digital data and analytics strategy
  • Putting data into the hands of clinicians for better care

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Dr Clair.

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