27 - 28 March, 2019 |
ICC, Sydney, NSW

Walter Kmet

Chief Executive Officer
Western Sydney Primary Health Network

10:10 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Device Integration and Mobility Solutions – Establishing Metrics for ROI and Benefits Realisation

Technology is the driving force for increased access to healthcare. Some healthcare providers are now exploring opportunities to adopt and adapt mobile technologies to a clinical environment, thus setting the foundation for greater device integration, simplifying clinical workflows and improving patient care and clinical engagement. However, such investment requires time, scrutiny and resources. How can organisations ensure an ROI in the long-run?
  • Establishing metrics for ensuring ROI
  • Core best practice principles that should define your benefits realisation management framework
  • Innovations in mobile technology and device integration with reference to current case studies and speculation around the benefits, challenges and implications

10:40 AM CASE STUDY: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities for Greater Collaboration Between Primary Health Networks and Local Health Districts

Western Sydney Primary Health Network (WentWest) together with its partner the Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) developed an innovative care model that offers comprehensive and holistic care to complex patients. This, along with their suite of digital health tools, enables a more integrated, enhanced and secure interaction between patients and their provider.

In this session, Walter to outline:
  • The role of primary health networks (PHNs) to better organise and improve capacity of primary care
  • WentWest’s experience in collaborating with WSLHD to facilitate greater integrated care since 2014 and key initiatives moving forward
  • Challenges and opportunities for greater collaboration between PHNs and local health districts
  • Unique features of their digital enablers to support a more coordinate healthcare system

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