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ICC, Sydney, NSW

Australian Healthcare Week 2019 Blog

Rethinking Aging and Aged Care with Dan Levitt

An age-friendly hospital is a hospital promoting health, dignity and participation of persons of older ages, valuing health, humanity, and human rights. In this video, and ahead of Australian Healthcare Week 2019 Dan Levitt, MSc. CHE. Executive Director at Tabor Home Society in Canada explores rethinking and innovating aged care, and the importance of creating age friendly hospitals and health serivces.

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By: Rod Sprenger

From the ground up: Incorporating technology into the fabric of a new digital hospital

Like the light of Florence Nightingale’s lamp, digital hospitals are beginning to light the landscape of healthcare in the Information Age.

As terms such as “smart hospital”, “hospital of the future” and “paperless hospital” become commonplace with every new hospital build, design needs to evolve to keep pace with this technological revolution.

Overcoming Mounting Pressures: Meeting Modern Needs with Aged Care Innovations

Anyone working in Aged Care and Home Care would agree that times are changing and changing quickly and aggressively. Some things will remain constant: it’s still all about delivering quality services and caring for people. However, a number of major challenges are either here right now or on the horizon.

State of the Australian Healthcare Industry Report: The Top Trends Driving Australia’s Healthcare Sector in 2019 and Beyond

2018 has been a year of rapid development and change for the Australian healthcare sector. With healthcare faring well in a number of State Budgets, and the Federal Budget announced earlier this year, we’re seeing billions of dollars injected into designing, developing and modernising healthcare nation-wide. 

By: Healthcare IT News Australia

ACT Health replaces outdated bedside whiteboards with digital bedside technology

ACT Health will soon implement real-time digital bedside technology that replaces outdated bedside whiteboards.

Northern Beaches Hospital — a new model of health care

The first hospital in NSW to achieve a 4 Star Green Star rating, the much anticipated Northern Beaches Hospital combines practicality and elegance.

The Northern Beaches Hospital is a new state-of-the-art tertiary hospital that navigates the requirements of sophisticated clinical services delivery while providing an environment that fosters dependability, security and optimism for patients, a positive and encouraging workplace for staff, and a meaningful and connected new civic building for the local community.

JCI WHITE PAPER: Communicating clearly and effectively to patients: How to overcome common communication challenges in healthcare

Effective communication between healthcare providers and patients and their families is essential to safe, quality care. 

The Australian health system “will fail” if the pace of change is not met: KPMG

A major new report has raised fears that Australia's healthcare is not adapting to technological change quickly enough, and could soon fail to meet population needs.

By: Dr Catherine Cosgrave, Research Fellow, Rural Health Workforce, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, University of Melbourne

Attracting (and keeping) Australia's rural health workers

Supporting more health workers to remain in rural and remote Australian communities is about helping them settle in socially, as well as professionally.

By: Healthcare IT News

How Australia’s Princess Alexandra Hospital became digital ready

When Queensland's Princess Alexandra Hospital developed an integrated electronic medical record (ieMR) system, it was more than a trailblazer – it was a template for the rest of the state.

By: Dan Levitt, Executive Director, Tabor Home Society

Rethinking Aging and Aged Care Delivery

How are global trends in aged care changing and how can aged care leaders best respond? Dan Levitt, Executive Director at Tabor Home Society explores the shifting attitudes towards aged care and Tabor Home Society’s innovative new approaches to senior residential living.   

By: Australian Healthcare Week

Dementia Australia virtual reality and computer games to bring a positive change in dementia care

In this video, presenter Stephen Claney explores Dementia Australia’s Virtual Forest, Virtual Dementia Experience, EDIE and Dementia-Friendly Home App with Dementia Australia CEO Maree McCabe speaking about the benefits of the technology.

By: Australian Healthcare Week

Ageing Japan: Robots role in the future of Aged Care

Allowing robots to help care for the elderly - a job typically seen as requiring a human touch - may be a jarring idea in the West. But many Japanese see them positively, largely because they are depicted in popular media as friendly and helpful.

By: Judy Skatssoon, Community Care Review

Workforce report recommends social change campaign for ‘undervalued aged care workers’

The creation of a social change campaign to promote a workforce that currently feels “persecuted and undervalued” is among the recommendations of a key aged care workforce report released by the federal government.